Cierra Chenier, Guardian of Our Culture

New Orleans is one of America’s oldest cities, with some of its black residents lineages dating back to the early 1800s. With such a authentic culture comes an authentic history of the people.Cierra Chenier started NOIR’N NOLA as a way to educate others about black New Orleans, how to protect black New Orleans culture and … Continue reading Cierra Chenier, Guardian of Our Culture

Miss Flossy Stays Fly

With the city becoming one of the worlds biggest cultural platforms when it comes to almost anything, the new generation of New Orleanians are cutting up and showing out in their best way possible.The creative scene her is almost like the Harlem renaissance. So much art, black art, that’s being recognized and also getting us … Continue reading Miss Flossy Stays Fly

S is for Superstar and $leazy EZ

New Orleans is a hot bed of many talents. From sports to music, this city has birthed some of the world’s greatest athletes, designers, artists, musicians, and especially rappers. Even through hell and high water (literally), this city has managed to still create superstars. One of those superstars goes by the name of $leazy EZ.$leazy … Continue reading S is for Superstar and $leazy EZ

Morgan Walker, Leader of the New School

As the younger generation of New Orleanians come to age, Morgan Walker has become one of the top promoters in New Orleans. Breaking barriers as well as gender roles, Walker has given us some of New Orleans’ top-tier parties, full of celebrities and locals alike. While challenges have come, Morgan has never folded or has … Continue reading Morgan Walker, Leader of the New School