Stay Spiffin with Spiff’d

I see everywhere that a human steps as a runway. The sidewalk, gym floor, closet, even walking out the store with your bags because you KNOW you about to be serving looks with this new piece.

Some people can just dress, some people can put together pieces, but then there’s people like Umya Long who can do both! This young, ambitious boutique owner and Fashion Merchandising major lives and breathes fashion, and her brand Spiff’d shows that.

BR: What is Spiff’d and where did you get the idea from?

UL: Spiff’d means to be stylish in your on way. I knew I wanted my brand name to be catchy but also have a fashionable meaning behind it.

BR: What is your clothing boutique’s purpose?

UL: The purpose of Spiff’d is to bring stylish pieces to your wardrobe. Our mission is to provide the hottest styles that keeps you on top of fashion. Not only do we want fashion to be a part of your everyday lives, we want to make an impact. Being Spiff’d expresses that fashion has no rules and you can wear what you want, when you want!

BR: With your fashion merchandising degree, what do you plan to achieve with it?

UL: I want to work at a luxury retailer as a buyer for a few years after college just to have get more experience in the fashion industry. I plan to develop campaigns, displays, advertisements and marketing content, as well as creating sales strategies for my business. As Spiff’d grows, I want to eventually start designing custom pieces. There’s so much that I want to do with my degree, but I really want to be able to say that it led me to me running one of the most successful businesses.

BR: Do you eventually plan on opening a physical store for Spiff’d?

UL: Spiff’d is going to be bigger than just an online boutique for sure. I think that having an in-store experience is so important. It is a great way for customers to be able to see the product. I want to create an atmosphere where you can shop and actually be in “retail therapy.”

BR: My definition of a “Sidewalk Stepper” is someone who owns ANY where they step foot at with confidence and class. What is your personal definition of a “sidewalk Stepper” and do you consider yourself one?

UL: A sidewalk stepper isn’t afraid of expressing their sense of fashion. They can wear anything, and it looks great because they have confidence. Confidence and class is what I have most. I consider myself a sidewalk stepper because I am the fashion statement.

BR: Any advice for those interested in starting their own boutique?

UL: My advice would be to write all of your ideas/plans down and then execute them one at a time. This helps with staying organized and time management. I also recommend that you keep track of inventory and sales, because you want to be able to know what’s selling and how much profit you make. Lastly, staying true to your customers. Not only is this good customer service, this is a good way to build loyal customers.

Become a Spiffin and Shop Spiff´d!

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