KNNY MILLS, Your Neighborhood Dood

 Adam Vo
Adam Vo

Baton Rouge births talent. Creating its own sound and culture, this capital city isn’t just a college city.

KNNY MILLS comes from a city that has created stars like Kevin Gates, Lil Boosie, Webbie, Jay Lewis, Whop, and NBA Youngboy. While each one of these stars on the wall paved the way for the new age of artists, the new school of Baton Rouge artists are on a new wave— creating again, its own sound that sets them aside from others. KNNY is like your regular guy though; an avid hibachi eater who loves his PlayStation.

I became familiar with KNNY via Twitter after planning to work with him with an interview. Few months later and here we are, giving the public what they wanted— a BREROB x KNNY MILLS exclusive (haha).


KM: Kenny Mill$ is a regular a** lil dood that like to hoop, play video games, make music, and say outrageous things sometimes. Sellin d*** is real, and ahead of its time. I’m here to advocate for men like me. F***** should never be looked down upon, and should be respected. I’m all for being yourself. 

BR: Would you say your sound comes from your influences?

KM: Yes I can say that, no doubt. I often shout-out Lil B on my songs because truly his music got me through hard times. Both Lil B and Riff Raff are great artists, and I definitely throw in a lot of their style into my songs.

BR: How did you feel your first time on stage? Was it nerve racking?

KM: Okay my first time on stage, I’m nervous, I’m trippin cause I’m high off moonrocks. Then I get some of my friends to come on stage with me, they start buckin and dancing to my songs and that turnt me up. It was a breeze overall.

BR: You recently performed at the SoundCLASH, how was that experience? New Orleans crowds are sometimes hard to get participation from so did you master that?

KM: SoundClash was a very fun event, a lot of my friends were there and I went on last. They say the last act is usually the best, so I have to live up to that. But when I went up there and the beat dropped, it was nuts, people were reciting my lyrics and dancing, Shit was fun. I can say that I mastered SoundClash

BR: A lot of people tell me PlayStation over XBOX, but personally I find the XBOX easier to function. Why is it PS now?

KM: I was a Xbox guy, but Xbox exclusive games like Gears of War, and Halo fell off. And basically that did it for me. And most of my friends converted to ps4 anyway.

BR: Any advice you would want to give to young, up and coming rappers?

KM: The advice I could give young artists is to NEVER RUSH. NEVER F**KIN RUSH ANYTHING I DONT GIVE A F**K WHAT IT IS. Make things sound natural, don’t force things. Be yourself. Welcome people with open arms. Have a good personality. Don’t be that stuck up, think I’m the shit kind of person. Be genuine and listen to people below you, because you were there before. Ask for help! Make a team of people who have goals. If you want legal money, stop doing illegal sh*t. 

Check out KNNY MILLS´ latest release, ´Yung Dood´ on every streaming service and check out his video for his single, ¨10K¨ below:

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