ALBUM STREAM: Listen to ‘INNERmission’

Begin your journey here. 

‘INNERmission’, one of the most anticipated projects all summer is finally here for us to enjoy.

Chicago rapper Iso and Detroit-bred producer MylesAway have teamed up to create Iso’s latest piece of art in his catalog so far. Created and produced within a year and a half, both Myles and Iso discuss how INNERmission is one of their most vulnerable projects to date. 

MylesAway implies how creating INNERmission felt “free to create” while Iso used the project to “speak his truth and vibe with the music.” With INNERmission being Iso’s most personal project so far, he wants to also make sure listeners are able to understand his situations however way it’s relatable to them. 

While the anticipation for INNERmission has been big since announcing and teasing the project in the summer, fans won’t have to worry about it just being the music. Iso and his camp plans to release visuals by none other than New Orleans’ own Unique Visions. With the fall and winter months coming ahead of us, INNERmission will definitely be a vibe for the next few months going into the new year. 

STREAM ‘INNERmission’ exclusively on The Law According to Bre Rob:


Don’t forget to check out Iso and many more September 21st at Xavier University’s cypher!  

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