BNOIR is Changing the Way Millennials Celebrate

New Orleans is a go-to destination for simply letting the good times roll. From Mardi Gras, to the culturally-significant secondlines and the world famous Bourbon Street, the city never sleeps. For generations, New Orleanians have partied harder than anyone. Funerals. birthdays, weddings, and just randomly on a casual Tuesday, you won’t fail to find a … Continue reading BNOIR is Changing the Way Millennials Celebrate

Glitter, Glam + Glitz Beauty

Being a female in modern society is expensive! From lashes, nails, facials, and clothes, the fabric of our lives— our look, depends on many people, estheticians being one.Coming across well trained, licensed, professional young entrepreneurs. While we all mess up at something, we can choose to let it happen again or learn from our mistake … Continue reading Glitter, Glam + Glitz Beauty