Glitter, Glam + Glitz Beauty

Being a female in modern society is expensive! From lashes, nails, facials, and clothes, the fabric of our lives— our look, depends on many people, estheticians being one.

Coming across well trained, licensed, professional young entrepreneurs. While we all mess up at something, we can choose to let it happen again or learn from our mistake and boss up. I’m pretty sure Tehya Blanks has made mistakes throughout her career, but her work ethic and professionalism says otherwise.

I don’t remember the exact day or time we met via Twitter, but I remember reaching out to her for advice. I was on the edge of trying to rebrand for the 500-thousandth time and well, I was desperate to learn from another entrepreneur. That encounter grew from advice to me becoming a client of hers, to us becoming close friends. While I handpicked each individual for this interview series based off an array of things, it meant something more to highlight Tehya and her success as an Esthetician.

BR: What is Glitz Beauty?

TB: Glitz B. Is a bratty service which includes lashes extensions, mink training, Facials and much more!

BR: When did you realize you wanted to become an Esthetician?

TB: I realized I wanted to become an Esthetician after I dropped out of Southern. And literally, after I became a lash tech, I decided to go to beauty school. 

BR: What services does your business offer?

TB: -Lash Extensions

-Lash Training


More services are being added every 3 months!

BR: What is your overall goal of your business?

TB: I want to own two shops! One in Nola and one in Florida or Texas.

BR: What is your go-to style accessory to step out with?

TB: I’m a “dude” at heart so girl I love to pair my tennis [shoes] with a cute purse!

BR: What advice do you have for females trying to achieve perfect skin?

TB: In order to achieve perfect skin, you MUST first find out your skin type and follow a good routine. Removing certain foods from your diet. And also having a healthy mind, body, and soul. 

Keep up with Tehya by subscribing to her weekly newsletter and book with Glitz Beauty and save 10% on your next service by using the code “GLITZxBREROB”

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